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With its modular components and flexible design System 60 is a canopy system of unrivalled simplicity. Uprights slide over the foot, the collar and rafter supports slide into the upright, the horizontals drop into place before System 60 glazing channels are secured to the horizontals and the polycarbonate sheets with their unique groove edge simply snap down into place. The perimeter of the glazing is capped with durable finishing profiles. This unique modular design leaves the polycarbonate surface smooth, free from unsightly glazing bar caps and mechanical fixings.

Receive your System 60 canopy delivery! Excavate for your foundations, cast your concrete slab bases and bolt down the System 60 feet. Drop on the System 60 horizontal beams, drill, self-tap fasten and cap. Drop the System 60 uprights over the feet, bolt thru and cap,drop in the System 60 collar and rafter supports, bolt thru and cap. Fit down the System 60 roof spars and click in the roofing sheets. Affix the System 60 edging trim. Presto! Take the plaudits from your clients.

A Motiva™ Canopy Product

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